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Curbing styles

We offer Square, Mower, and Slant styles as well as standard concrete, and a variety of integral colors, stamping patterns, color sealing and exposed aggregate upon request.  Design flexibility enables curves, turn and contours that are installed without disturbing existing landscaping.

Our custom curbing is a permanent landscape border that’s durable, functional and less expensive. Custom Curb Appeal offers attractive concrete landscape border that will not rot, rust or discolor like wood, metal, plastic or bender board.

Curbing process:
The most important aspect of the curbing process is the preparation of the surface where the curbing is to be installed.  After the preparation is complete and the surface is flat and smoothed out, the next step is the mixing of the concrete.  We only use the best quality mix from Central Pre Mix and Ashgrove Cement which provide for greater strength and a longer lasting, and smooth finish.  Once the mix is complete, we haul it over to the prepared area and begin the next step, extruding the curb.  The extruder machine then lays the curb down on the prepared surface where it appears very dry and unfinished.  After the extruder lays the curb down it must be finished using a little water and a finishing trowel.  Once the curb is smooth and finished we cut expansion joints for cracking every 3’ to help relieve the stress during temperature changes.  After we cut the expansion joints we check to make sure the curbing has a nice flow to it and fix any areas that need to be pulled or pushed to ensure a nice look to the final product.  At this time if the customer has requested it we will apply a concrete sealer for curing and protecting the finish of the curb.

Care and Maintenance:
For most curbing the only care and maintenance will be within the first three days.  The first, and most important thing, is to shut off the sprinklers for 24 hours after the curbing has been installed.  The second thing is the minor clean-up on the front edge of the curbing.  This step may take a little time and needs to be done within the first 72 hours but after the first 24 hours.  The excess curb material on the front edge can be removed by using any number of yard tools including a flat shovel, a round shovel, a garden hoe, a garden rake or even a small gardening shovel.  For specialty curbing there is one more step that must be repeated once or twice a year to maintain a nice looking curb and that is applying another coat of concrete sealer.  This can be rolled on with a paint roller or can be sprayed on with a chemical spray can.  Be sure to use a chemical based sealer to get the best outcome.

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